What Can I Do With an IT Degree?

If you’re considering a career in Information Technology, you’ll benefit highly from pursuing an IT degree. Having a degree in IT can significantly boost your career options. Most people who have an interest in computers and technology consider a degree in IT, but aren’t entirely sure what career options there are once they’ve earned it.


IT degrees are quite versatile. There’s jobs for the more creative and for the more analytical, and even for those who love working with people. If you’ve earned an IT degree, you certainly aren’t limited in your career choices. In fact, there are probably a number of career options out there that you didn’t even know existed.


Here, we will talk about some of the career options you can pursue with a degree in Information Technology. Of course, some careers will be limited depending on the level of degree that you pursue. For some jobs, an associate’s degree may be sufficient, while others will require higher levels of education.

Web Developer

It’s possible to find entry-level web development jobs with an associate’s degree. While average salaries in this field are a little lower than other IT-related fields, they still hover around the $70,000 mark. Web developers create and maintain web pages, and those with a creative edge may thoroughly enjoy this field of study. Furthermore, web development has become an increasingly popular career choice for those who want to freelance or work remotely.

Software Developer

Software development usually requires at least a bachelor’s degree for an entry level position, but there’s an opportunity to earn a very high income, sometimes well into the six-figure range. Software developers are the brains behind the creation of websites, web-based applications, and mobile apps. These programs include everything frmo app and game development to business software, depending on what interests you.

Network Architect

This position will usually require a bachelor’s degree, and is another career with a high earning potential which can reach into the six-figures. Network Architects take care of network and intranet design, usually in a corporate setting. Network Architects help facilitate internal communication and database storage for large companies. If you enjoy the technology side of information technology, this is a great career option.



Computer Systems Analyst

With a bachelor’s degree in computer systems analytics, you’ll work on everything to do with the functioning of network systems. Primarily, computer systems analysts make sure network systems are kept up to date and functioning properly. If you’re a multitasker, this is a fantastic option. Salaries are very competitive too, with the average salary running in the high $80,000 range.

IT Research Scientist

Do you want to earn a master’s degree in IT? If so, you’ll open yourself up to working as a research scientist in the Information Technology field, which is a fantastic career option (and also comes with a pretty cool title). Research scientists are critical in the IT field since technology is constantly improving and changing. If you enjoy a mixture of critical and theoretical thinking, and like to experiment with the unknown, this career is right up your alley. You can earn a very impressive salary that averages about $120,000 per year.

Information Security Analyst

Do you have a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and also an interest in security? If this sounds like you, an information security analyst position could be the perfect choice. As the name suggests, an information security analyst is responsible for improving digital and cybersecurity to ensure lesser chances of a security breach. With so much critical data stored using computers, this is a very important job. If that’s not enough to persuade you, the average information security analyst salary falls just shy of $100,000.

IT Support

If you have an associate’s degree in IT and also love to work with people, this is the job for you. IT support specialists help more tech-illiterate individuals solve their IT issues. For an IT job that requires a lower level of education than other options, the average salary of about $54,000 is pretty competitive.

Network Administrator

You’ll need a bachelor’s degree for entry level network administration jobs, but once you start climbing this career ladder, you could earn about $85,000 annually. Network Administrator positions are another great option for those who love computers and people, because they work not only with ensuring network systems and software stay up to date, but also managing an organization’s personnel and communication.

A degree in IT can open you up to a wide variety of career options that are rewarding and challenging in the best ways. Whatsmore, with technology constantly improving and adapting, IT specialists of all types are very sought after. One thing is for sure, in our contemporary world where we constantly use technology every single day, finding a job in an IT field once you’ve graduated with your degree shouldn’t be too tricky!

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