Top Online Marketing Degrees

Marketing is an extremely popular career path, and many people are looking into pursuing a degree in this field. However, there’s a wealth of marketing degree options out there, and some are significantly better than others. Finding the right online marketing degree for you can feel overwhelming, and is often easier said than done.

Different degrees emphasize different things, as well as offer differing marketing and business foundations. What’s more, some programs are designed to be completed entirely online, while others cater better to a mixture of online and in-person courses. It’s important to check the details of the course, as even though some courses may be advertised as online-only, they might offer advantages to students who can attend some classes in-person. There are also options for degrees that can be finished at the student’s own pace, versus those which require you to plow through coursework at the same speed as your classmates.

There’s no steadfast rule when it comes to what type of online degree is best for you. It’s a fairly personal decision. But getting a leg up and a good idea of some of the best online marketing degree options out there can help you with your final decision. Here, we will look at some of the best online marketing degrees currently available in the United States.

Arizona State University

Arizona State University is renowned for its online learning and offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in over 200 different remote courses. One of these courses is the fully online Bachelor of Science in marketing degree.

Arizona State University’s online marketing degree program also offers candidates the option to choose an accelerated 7.5-week course. This option can enable students to graduate in less than three years, as compared to the normal four-year track for a standard bachelor’s degree. For a public university, Arizona state does require a relatively high GPA to get into the program. The minimum required GPA for entry is 3.6.

Florida International University

This university is based in Miami, FL, and boasts well over 40,000 long-distance learners annually. As part of their online programs, they offer a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing degree. One of the most beneficial aspects of this program is that candidates can develop important consumer research knowledge which can help them to succeed if they move on to higher-level graduate programs.

Some of the topics covered by the Florida International University Business Administration and Marketing degree include applied business statistics and operations management. Furthermore, students can personalize their own degree plan by picking from electives such as social media marketing, or decision-making and negotiations.

Oklahoma State University

This public university offers over 200 different undergraduate degree options, including an online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a marketing major. Moreover, Oklahoma State University boasts an impressive success rate, with about 94% of their graduating students pursuing advanced academics or succeeding in employment just months after graduating.

Oklahoma State University’s online bachelor’s in marketing program is fully accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. Coursework has an emphasis on a variety of different aspects of a marketing degree including consumer and marketing behavior, strategic management, and advanced math courses such as business calculus.

Minot State University

This public university offers a Bachelor of Science in a marketing program that is entirely available online through their College of Business. While pursuing this degree, students will learn core business values such as business fundamentals, accounting, marketing, statistics, and economics. There are also courses within the program that offer more concentrated marketing studies such as consumer behavior and marketing strategy.

Penn State World Campus

Penn State offers 150 different online degree programs including a Bachelor of Science in marketing which is available to be completed online from start to finish. Penn State is an excellent choice for an online program because they are well renowned for their ability to deliver an innovative global alumni network. This can be very valuable as a networking aid for students once they graduate from the program. Topics covered in coursework include retail advertising and sales promotion, e-commerce, marketing management, and business research.

Colorado State University

Colorado State University offers a catalog of more than 40 different academic programs, including a bachelor’s degree in marketing that’s available entirely online. Their bachelor’s degree in marketing has received full accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs. What’s more, the online course offers accelerated classes which allow for more convenient online learning.

One of the most beneficial aspect of to this program is that it has nine different specialization options so students can choose coursework that is in line with their own professional goals and interests.

Oregon State

Oregon State University offers a bachelor of arts or bachelor of science program in business administration, also offering a specialization in marketing. Oregon State’s primary advantage is their reputable eCampus, which ranks 6th in the United States for online bachelor’s degree programs. Oregon State doesn’t skip any corners when it comes to their online learning, ensuring that all of the online classes they offer are taught by the renowned staff of business faculty. Coursework will include classes that cover customer relationship management, consumer behavior, and integrated marketing communications. This course also offers the ability for students to pursue free online tutoring and career guidance.

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