Top Online Degree Programs for 2021

Online degree programs have become increasingly prevalent over the past few years. However, 2020 was a turning point for various types of virtual communications, including remote work and online education.

We agree that that 2020 was a pretty eventful year. It brought us innovation like never before and changed the trajectory of what we thought life could be. Many industries were affected and had to find new ways of doing things. This was the same for education.

Online education became the norm if you wanted to be doing any sort of learning. More individuals, institutions, and entities created online courses in the past year, and more and more people took these courses.

Should You Consider an Online Degree?

Many people were skeptical about taking online degrees when they just began; some people still are. However, many students have attested that an online degree can have the same value as in-person, face to face learning.

According to Learning House’s survey in 2018, out of 1,500 online graduate students, 86% believed that the value they obtained from their online degree equaled or exceeded what they paid for.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, we can all fully expect that the number of online students will continue to grow steadily or even more rapidly than before. Information from Education Data shows that in 2019, 46% of faculty members said they had taught an online course for credit compared to 39% in 2016.

You can choose to study online for several reasons; some of these reasons include the course’s affordability, the school’s reputation, and whether or not the program makes it easy to acquire a degree (Duffin, 2020). You can also choose to study an online course because it offers you better flexibility with your time or challenges attached to in-campus degrees.

Top Five Online Degrees of 2021

Are you looking for a course to study online? Here we outline the top 5 courses to study in 2021.

1.      Online Degrees in Digital Marketing

Due to the lockdown and restrictions instituted in various countries worldwide, many brands mass migrated to digital marketing. Some even used this as their sole communications channel. As such, brands have become more aware than ever before of the importance of digital marketing. If you’re marketing inclined, an online degree in digital marketing would be an excellent degree to pursue.

You could take different digital marketing courses such as Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, etc. Or you could get a degree that combines all these various aspects as courses and gives you a holistic knowledge of digital marketing.

This will come in handy if you are planning to pursue or further a career in marketing, as many argue that digital marketing is the future of marketing.

  1. Online Degrees in Project Management

It should be no wonder that we predict project management to be one of the top online degrees of 2021. With more organizations transitioning to remote work, project management has become a skill that every organization needs to do great work.

An online degree in project management will significantly boost your skills, primarily if you work in operations or personnel management. Good knowledge of management will help you thrive in the remote work environment and help your team to achieve their goals in no time.

If you’re seeking a job in any of these fields, an online degree in project management is also a great way to ensure that you qualify for these positions.

3.     Online MBA Degrees

One of the easiest degrees to find is an MBA. It is not difficult to get an institution offering an MBA entirely online as it used to be before.

Look for a credible institution online. Enroll for a degree in Business Administration, and you’re all set! If you want to run your business more efficiently or look for employment in business administration, this is for you.

An online MBA will open you up to a world of opportunities. You would virtually meet with people worldwide and learn from their wealth of experience. Some would have started their own business; others will be currently running other people’s businesses quite successfully.

As the classes do not require any in-person attendance, you can learn all you need using online education materials.

4.    Online Degrees in Healthcare

Following the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, the world has realized how indispensable health care workers are. The pandemic made glaring to us all that the world could do with more qualified, knowledgeable health care workers.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment in healthcare occupations will grow 15% from 2019 to 2029. This is much faster than the average for all occupations.

If you are already working in medical care, an online healthcare degree will provide you with more specialized knowledge and training. You would find this extremely useful for your professional development.

An online degree in healthcare management can also kickstart a health management career. It will offer you all the basics of medical training combined with management training. This will ensure that you have the required skills to thrive and stay competitive in the healthcare management industry.

5.     Online Engineering Degrees

If you are already an engineer and would like to update your knowledge, an online engineering degree is for you. Online engineering degrees abound, mostly at Master’s and Ph.D. levels. However, there are Bachelor’s degrees available for engineering.

However, more specifically, software engineering degrees abound across the internet; Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. level. So, if you are a self-taught software developer, you can enroll for an online software engineering degree. This will help you improve and validate your skills.

You must take the right steps to ensure that you stay relevant in the rapidly changing career environment. Getting an online degree ensures that.

Deciding to study online can be a hard decision to make. If you think that you might be missing out on some experiences, it can be even harder. However, many online degrees offer you as much of an immersive learning experience as in-campus degrees do.

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