Best Associate’s Degree In Web Design

A career in web design can be rewarding and very fulfilling. With technology constantly advancing, it’s also a career that is highly sought in contemporary life. The ins and outs of web design are fascinating to many. Because of the ability to work remotely, web design is rapidly becoming a popular job choice.

If you’re interested in pursuing a web design career, it’s a good idea to consider some level of higher education. There are career options in web design for individuals with all types of degrees, but an associate’s degree in web design is a great place to start. Not only can you open yourself up to a variety of job opportunities once you graduate with your associate’s degree, but it’s also a fantastic stepping stone to a bachelor’s degree further down the line.

What To Expect From an Associate’s Degree Program?

Most associate’s degrees follow a similar structure, but there will be key differences between different types of programs. Some require on-campus attendance, while others are entirely online programs or may ask for a mix of both remote courses and in-person classes. What type of program you choose to pursue will be entirely up to you, but you can be sure that no matter what, you’ll need to complete about 60 hours of core coursework to get your degree.

There may even be different pacing requirements between the degree programs. For example, some online associate degree programs will use a self-paced model, whereby the student can move through the coursework as quickly or slowly as they desire. This makes self-paced online degrees a great option for those with a hectic schedule or a job that doesn’t allow them to attend classes during the day. Most on-campus degrees, however, will work like a traditional college course, where students are required to attend classes throughout the semester and work at the pace of their fellow students.

What type of course you choose to pursue will be entirely up to you, but one thing is for sure, you want to get a degree from a reputable college. Here, we will talk about the best associate’s degree programs available.

Best Associate’s Degrees in Web Design

Cleveland Community College

Cleveland Community College offers a 2 year associate degree program in programming and web development. The course is on-campus, and is well-known for providing students with a solid foundation in web design and development. According to their website, the course includes teaching students how to communicate and solve technical website and web server problems. It also teaches fundamental web and database design lessons as well as content-management system administration.

Los Angeles Pacific College

Los Angeles Pacific College offers an on-campus associate’s degree program in Web Software Technology. The course provides students with a solid fundamental understanding of website development. They’re also well-known for providing a good hands-on experience in current technology to students. Some elements of the program include classes in XHTML, scripting, and Adobe.

Bismarck State College

Bismarck State is a fantastic option that constantly ranks as one of the highest programs in the United States. Even better, they offer both on-campus and entirely online associates degrees in web page development and design. They teach most fundamental topics including HTML5, JavaScript, and XML. There’s also Adobe courses in photoshop, illustrator, and more.

Lewis-Clark State College

Lewis-Clark’s associate degree in web design program is entirely online, but it is renowned as one of the best options in the United States. It’s a 64-credit hour course that provides a fantastic foundational knowledge of both back and front end web design technology and software. Another factor that makes the Lewis-Clark course so great is their consistent implementation of classes that cover new and developing technological advancements. Lewis-Clark State College also offers a bachelor’s degree in web design, so students can easily continue their education if they choose to do so.

Lamar Institute of Technology

Located in Beaumont, California, the Lamar Institute of Technology offers an on-campus Computer information Systems associate’s degree program that’s proficient in preparing students for entry-level web design jobs. The program provides a comprehensive understanding of website development, computer programming, and software applications.

Georgia Northwestern Technical College

Another program that offers both online and on-campus associate’s degree options. Georgia Northwestern Technical Colleges program is in website design and development and covers scripting technologies, web graphics, information security, and even web animation. It’s a 64-hour credit course and is designed to be completed in two years. It should be noted that residents of the state of Georgia are given admissions priority.

North Dakota State College of Science

This program is another entirely online option but offers in-state students the option to take some courses on campus. The NDSCS associate’s degree in web design and development includes classes that cover interesting technical subjects such as networking, web authoring software, and cyber law policy. Furthermore, NDSCS offers online students the opportunity to apply for scholarships, that include awards designed specifically for students in the STEM field.

There are a wealth of options out there for pursuing an associate’s degree in web design, but not every option suits every student. The above courses are highly ranked as some of the best in the country, whether online, on-campus, or a mixture of both. Each course is designed to fully prepare its graduates for entry level jobs in the world of web design. Of course, with web design, a lot of learning is done on the job. But a solid foundation in the fundamentals that comes with a good associate’s degree is certainly a leg-up in the field.

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