Are You Ready To Start a New Career?

No doubt, choosing the right career for yourself is necessary to live a healthy life. Being in a profession that makes you happy is such a blissful thing. On the flip side, the wrong vocation will leave you feeling unfulfilled and discontent for the rest of your life. There are many ways to know if you’re in the right job. The ideal career will make you feel secure in your role and give you opportunities to grow. It’d also ensure that your pay is commensurate with your efforts.

The perfect job makes you happy, and if your guts tell you you’re in the wrong profession, you probably are. The good news is that you don’t have to feel stuck in a career that you hate. Even if you’ve already made a career mistake, you can always start afresh. But only consider a career change when you’re ready for it. So, are you prepared for some job-ditching? Yes? Let’s find out!

Are You Ready for a New Career?

One important question you should ask yourself is why you’re considering a career change. Your answer will point you in the right direction and help you stay focused during the transition. It’d also help you realize how critical your quest for a job change is. There are many valid reasons to change your job. Here’s some:

1.      Poor Remuneration

Money or salary is one of the significant factors that necessitate a career change. As a livelihood source, if your job doesn’t pay you enough to foot your bills, you’re likely to be unhappy. That’s especially when the pay is nothing compared to the effort you’re putting in at your job.

2.     Stress

Work can expose you to a series of complex tasks that make you work longer and stresses you out. While that’s inevitable, undue pressure shouldn’t become a lifestyle. According to Forbes, 42% of employees have changed their jobs due to stress. If the Forbes report is anything to go by, stress is one of the most common reasons workers quit their jobs.

3.     Low Career Advancement Opportunities

According to a survey, most Americans aren’t happy at their jobs. The report disclosed that about 60% of Americans would choose a different career if they had the opportunity. The survey finds low career advancement opportunities to be the culprit. Many workers feel that they’re not getting ahead and that influences them to find better alternatives.

4.    No Recognition

Workers find fulfillment from bringing value to their jobs. They also like to be rewarded for their effort. At the very least, they’d expect some commendation or recognition for their work they’re putting in. They’d likely look elsewhere if they feel they aren’t valued.

5.     No Work Flexibility

Who doesn’t like some workplace flexibility? Employees generally love a work environment that gives them the liberty to switch their work hours and location. In a bid to find a work-life balance, workers are ditching their jobs for more flexible options.

5 Signs You’re Ready for a New Career

Changing careers can be a wise choice to make if you’re in the wrong job or feel dissatisfied. However, you must tread this path with caution and think carefully before you leap. More so, even when you’re sure of your choice, timing is everything.

Switching careers isn’t a walk in the park, and doing it before you are ready worsens the process. If you need pointers to help you determine whether you’re ready, read on:

1.      Lack of Motivation

How do you feel when you wake up on a workday? Angry? Down? Unmotivated? If this is you, you must start searching for a new career. If you’re continually feeling bored and disinterested at work, it’s a sign that you’re tired of that job.

2.     Toxic Work Environment

No matter what, you must never put up with a toxic work environment. It can harm your mental and physical health in the long run. If your workplace carries an antagonistic aura, coupled with terrible work culture, you should leave. You also have no reason to stay in your job if you’ve uncovered illegality at your office.

3.     Adverse Role Shifts

It’s not okay if you’ve systematically been pushed into accepting new job roles you don’t enjoy. It’s worse if the new tasks don’t align with your career goals. In this situation, head for the door immediately.

4.    You’re Thinking of a New Job

You’re no longer mentally invested in your career if you find yourself searching for other options. It means you’re ready for a new job.

5.     You’ve Adapted to Negative Behavioral Patterns

If your job is already taking its toll on you, you should quit ASAP! These include disrupted sleep patterns to excessive drinking, poor eating habits, and addictions due to stress. Adapting to those adverse lifestyles as a coping mechanism for a lousy job will make you feel worse.

What’s the Next Step?

Now that you’ve decided that you’re ready to start a new career, how do you kick-start the transition? The first thing to do is access your values, interests, career goals, and skills. Next, check out career options that match your skill sets and preferences.

If you’ve picked the right vocation, consider the requirements for employment in that career. You can get adequate info about your new career choice by reaching out to persons in the industry or looking it up on Google. Sometimes, you may need to upgrade your skills or take a class to meet the conditions.

Volunteer in your target fields to verify how satisfied you are with your potential career choice. Then, you can update your resume and start applying for jobs in your new career. A great tip is to switch to an industry that isn’t so far apart from your former one. It’d help you adapt much more comfortably.

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