7 Best Online Business Degree Programs for 2021

Education has since expanded from the traditional classroom system to accommodate online learning. Many students have completed degree programs in recent years with the internet and its resources. With the Covid-19 pandemic, the importance of e-learning is now more evident. Many students today prefer to use online platforms to facilitate their degree programs.

A business degree program teaches students essential marketing, finance, administration, and management principles. The program also teaches them how to apply the theories to suit the modern-day business world. Earning a business degree gives you an edge in business. It also helps career transition, job opportunities, and earning capacity.

Like many other disciplines, online learning is available for business degree programs. But there are several online business degrees to choose from. That makes it hard to take your pick.

We’d help you narrow your options by providing you with 7 top online business programs for 2021. You’d also get to see why taking online degree programs is a wise choice as you read on.

How Credible Is an Online Business Degree Program?

One thing to look out for before applying for an online business degree is its credibility. Earning a degree that’s not credible means that it is unrecognized globally. It’s a complete waste of resources and useless for many purposes. You may obtain the knowledge, but your certificate wouldn’t count for anything in the real world.

The chances of registering for an online business degree and later discovering it’s not credible is a real thing. Unfortunately, there are many online scam degrees with shady accreditation statuses that masquerade as credible ones. Again, there’s the question of whether employers respect online degrees as much as they do traditional ones.

The truth is that online degrees are no longer the rarities you think they are. They are fast becoming the norm, even for notable organizations. According to a study, more than one in four students take online courses. Online course enrollment rates continue to rise from year to year. Many employers have no bias for online business degrees. This is more so if they pass the test for credibility.

An accredited school always runs a credible online business degree. So you should check that the school you’re enrolling in is credited for your course. It’s also better to consider reputable schools that have a physical location. Many suspicious online programs run on the internet alone, with no physical location. We can say that online business degree programs are as valid as traditional ones, as long as you enroll in a credible school.

Top 7 Online Business Programs to Choose From in 2021

Here’s our list of the best seven online business programs for this year and the accredited schools that offer them. They’re all credible and well known around the world:

1.       Business Administration, University of Florida

The University of Florida (UF) is a world-renowned university that offers one of the best online business administration programs. The program length is four years. This program includes relevant courses like real estate analysis and entrepreneurship.

UF also mandates students to take professional development courses like Computing in the Business Environment. You need a minimum of 2.0 GPA and standardized tests (SAT or ACA) to gain admission into this program.

2.      Healthcare Administration, Trinity University

The healthcare system typically revolves around doctors, nurses, other medical personnel, and their patients. However, they need a competent administrator to run the day-to-day operations smoothly. If you’d like to be a healthcare administrator, Trinity University offers one of the best online courses in this discipline.

Trinity University is a prestigious institution with its location in San Antonio, Texas. Furthermore, it receives continuous accreditation from CAHME since 1969. The university runs a top-notch MHA (Masters of Healthcare Administration) program online. The program typically runs for 23 months.

3.      Marketing Degree Program, Birmingham’s Collat School of Business, University of Alabama

Birmingham’s Collat School of Business at the University of Alabama is the go-to for online marketing courses. They offer a Bachelor of Science in their Marketing program that provides the best training in various aspects of marketing.

They include digital marketing, sales management, marketing communications, among others. Training in this institution gives you access to an extensive network of business professionals worldwide. You’d also have access to IT support, career consultations, and a world-class library.

4.      Online Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Maryville University of Saint Louis

Located in Missouri, Maryville University holds a spot as one of the oldest private colleges in the Midwest region. Its online accounting degree program is one of the best and affordable. The admission process is relatively easy, with no need for entrance exams, application fees, or standardized tests.

5.      Online Sports Management Degree Program, Florida International University (FIU)

FIU is always the first choice when it comes to Sports Administration. It runs an online Bachelor of Science degree program in Recreation and Sports Management. This program includes courses like Sociology of Sports, Leisure Services Marketing, Program Development, and lots more.

To gain admission into this program, you must have a minimum GPA of 2.0. Alternatively, you should hold an associate degree from a reputable, accredited school.

6.      Online Master of International Business Administration, Gardner-Webb University

If you need to earn a highly recognized IMBA degree, you should consider Gardner-Webb University. Located in Boiling Springs, NC, Gardner-Webbs’ is known for excellence in this region. This Masters Program will equip you with relevant knowledge to excel in global and domestic business.

Their online platforms run seamlessly and offer you premium convenience as you learn. Laced with course projects, internships, and service opportunities, Gardner-Webbs’ exposes you to business leaders that can help grow your career.

7.     Online Human Resources Management Degree, Colorado State University (CSU)

CSU’s online HR degrees are fully-packed with relevant courses to make you a successful HR professional anywhere in the world. The Human Resources Management course is a very flexible one.

HR managers are continuously in high demand around the globe. It’s a great idea to obtain this degree in a notable institution like Colorado State University. It gives you a competitive edge in the business world.

Regardless of your location, you can access the best quality business education online at your convenience. Subscribe to ConsiderSchool.com for more updates on online business degree programs.


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